Monday, December 02, 2013
by Jamie Anfenson-Comeau
Staff writer

Four people in Laurel were transported to the hospital after suffering carbon monoxide exposure Sunday evening, according to Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department officials.

Department spokesman Mark Brady said two of the individuals were working on a car in an attached garage at a residence in the 7500 block of Cavan Court. The vehicle had been left idling, and the two were overcome by carbon monoxide, Brady said.

“Fortunately, someone in the house recognized there was a problem and called 911,” said Laurel spokesman Peter Piringer.

The two men were transported to a Baltimore area hospital with a hyperbaric chamber, the traditional treatment for carbon monoxide poisoning, Brady said.

Two females in the residence were transported to a local hospital as a precautionary measure, Brady added.

Brady had no further information on the condition of the two men.

Brady warned the public not to leave vehicles running in enclosed spaces.

“In the fire control business, we call carbon monoxide the silent killer,” Brady said. “You can’t see it, taste it or smell it.”

At lower levels of exposure, carbon monoxide causes dizziness and headaches. At higher levels, it can cause nausea, confusion and unconsciousness, and continued exposure can lead to death, Brady said.

Brady noted that a Prince George’s County ordinance passed in November 2012 requires that all new and existing homes have a carbon monoxide detector installed by July 1, 2014.