HOOVER, Alabama РAll fifteen Ross Bridge Golf and Resort guests treated for symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are recovering, and those still hospitalized are expected to be discharged soon, said Hoover fire Executive Officer Rusty Lowe.

Only a few remained for treatment overnight, he said. No other cases have been reported.

“It appears that everything is going to be OK, and everybody is going to be OK,” Lowe said.

The guests, both children and adults, were treated at UAB Hospital, Brookwood Medical Center and Baptist Medical Center Princeton on Friday. All were experiencing varying levels of flu-like symptoms, ranging from headaches to nausea.

Rescue workers were called to the Hoover resort about 6:30 a.m. on a report of an unconscious woman. By the time they arrived, the woman had regained consciousness but authorities noticed several other family members were experiencing flu-like symptoms.

Firefighters found elevated carbon monoxide levels on the resort’s fifth and sixth floors, which were quickly evacuated.

“We’re randomly checking levels throughout the weekend, and the hotel is doing the same thing,” Lowe said. “So far everything is OK.”

Investigations of the heating unit and ventilation system are expected to continue this week.

Lowe said authorities found a leak in the duct work from the heater. The basement heating unit is designed to vent through the roof, but the leak was causing it to be vented to the fifth and sixth floors. The heater will not be turned back on until it is repaired and inspected.

“Most rooms have opened back up, except eight rooms immediately adjacent to the ductwork for the particular heater that was involved,” Lowe said.

Problem: Disconnected or damaged flue.