Cracks Generate Business

Heat exchanger cracks can be dangerous, a nuisance, and profitable if you know how to find them. Here’s an invitation letter for a seminar that will teach HVAC technicians to locate heat exchanger cracks and condemn furnaces. The last line in the opening paragraph says it all – “Don’t let your competition find the failures first and get the replacement sale!”


A few weeks ago a mechanic wrote me and said that in his company, a technician would be fired for incorrectly condemning a heat exchanger, especially if he said the heat exchanger had a crack and it was not really cracked. While I commend the company for their “honesty”, I’m afraid they are in the minority.

Most HVAC service companies inspect heat exchangers for safety issues. They perform thorough maintenance inspections and do the necessary clean up. Unfortunately there are technicians out there who are “overly cautious”, and a smaller number that are downright dishonest. The consumer needs to pay close attention to what is happening with their gas heating system.

Finding a little crack can easily cost a consumer three or four thousand dollars and leave them with little recourse and very few options. This is especially true when their heating system is red-tagged and shut down when it is 10 degrees outside.