Furnace Filters

What do furnace filters have to do with carbon monoxide?

Nothing really.

This is my chance to provide a public service announcement.

Disposable Furnace FilterGood filters, dirty filters, no filters … have no affect on whether your furnace will produce carbon monoxide.  However, they can have a profound affect on your overall well being and equipment life.

Effects of Dirty Air Filters

During Winter:

  • Causes reduced air flow. 
  • Causes furnace to discharge higher than normal air temperature. 
  • Cause an abnormal temperature rise across the heat exchanger. 
  • Could cause stress cracks in the heat exchanger, singed wiring and a number of other issues. 
  • Decrease system efficiency by increasing the heat-loss of the duct work. 
  • Allows dirt accumulation on air-conditioning coil. 

During Summer:

  • Causes reduced air flow.
  • Can cause air-conditioning coil to form ice or freeze up completely.
  • Can lead to “liquid slugging” at the compressor.
  • Can lead to un-even cooling between rooms.
  • Can cause ducts to sweat.
  • Greatly decreases system efficiency.
  • Increases operating costs.
  • Allows dirt accumulation on air-conditioning coil.

Once dirt accumulates on the air-conditioning coil, system capacity is reduced and eventually the air-conditioner stops working.

So – don’t be a forgetful home owner — change your air filters at least every three (3) months. Change them every month for optimum efficiency.