CO Myths

The “dirty dozen” carbon monoxide myths. 

Myth #1   A furnace with a cracked heat exchanger will definitely produce carbon monoxide and poses an immediate danger. (Wrong!)

Myth #2   A gas furnace with a good heat exchanger will NOT produce carbon monoxide and my family is safe. (Dead Wrong!)

Myth #3   An improperly adjusted gas furnace will cause carbon monoxide poisoning. (Wrong!)

Myth #4   A carbon monoxide detector will always protect my family from CO issues. (Wrong!)

Myth #5   If I sleep with my window slightly open, I’m safe from CO poisoning. (Wrong!)

Myth #6   Carbon monoxide issues only pertain to gas appliances. (Wrong!)

Myth #7   Faulty gas appliances cause CO poisoning that leaves hundreds of people dead each year. (Wrong!)

Myth #8   CO is only caused by incomplete fuel combustion. (Wrong!)

Myth #9   Un-vented gas heaters are NOT safe to operate indoors. (Wrong!)

Myth #10   There are NO long-term effects from carbon monoxide exposure. (Wrong!)

Myth #11   Your doctor can identify and help you through carbon monoxide poisoning.
(Not Likely!)

Myth #12   The guy with the CO tester must be right. (Way Wrong!)