Recommended Products


 Sensorcom Carbon Monoxide Inspector INS-COXX-01

If you travel, carrying this CO meter is a must!

If you are an HVAC mechanic and don’t have one of these on your belt, your missing a basic protection.  It will alert you to higher than normal CO levels and can also measure CO in the flue, inside a furnace cabinet or other confined space.





Pro Tech 7035-SL

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

This alarm provides low-level readouts and has a battery that will last for at least 5 years.  That makes it a set-it-and-forget-it protective device.



TIF-8900 Combustible
Gas Leak Detector

Forget soap bubbles or cheap electronic detectors.  The TIF-8900 is the gold standard for tracking down combustible gas leaks.  It has a fast warm up, adjustable sensitivity, non-fouling sensor, rechargeable batteries, hard-plastic carry case.

TIF-8900 Combustible Gas Leak Detector