There are NO long-term effects from carbon monoxide exposure.  (Wrong!)

Here’s a myth were science is all over the map.  Most clinicians agree that exposure to carbon monoxide can definitely have long-term effects.  Usually the severity and length of the effects are directly related to the level of CO exposure and the exposure period.

There are plenty of documented cases of memory loss, chronic breathing problems, persistent numbness and a host of other symptoms, all attributed to moderate to high levels of CO exposure.

The grey area begins when CO exposure levels and durations are analyzed.  Carbon monoxide affects people differently.  A CO level that gives one person a headache may cause severe nausea and dizziness in another.

There are also disagreements about the effects of long-term (over 30 days) low level exposure.

Even government agencies do not agree on safe levels of carbon monoxide exposure.  Different agencies have different guidelines and recommended exposure limits.

Carbon Monoxide Myths” contains a composite chart showing the exposure limits specified by major U.S. safety agencies.