Pro-Tech 7035-SL Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Tamper-Resistant With 5-yr Battery

This is a set-it and forget-it carbon monoxide alarm that gives low level indications.


Provides reliable, tamper-resistant protection for homeowners and tenants.

  • Low CO level read-out displays from 10 to 600 ppm.
  • Remembers peak CO levels and displays peak and current levels.
  • Temporary mute while resetting alarm.
  • Re-alarms if high carbon monoxide levels are still detected.
  • After ventilation, automatically resets and detection re-starts.
  • Long-life lithium battery preinstalled in a tamper-proof compartment.
  • Battery warranted to power detector for a minimum of 5 years.
  • Internally monitors sensor life and alerts with an end-of-life signal (after 5 yrs.)
  • Tamper-resistant mounting plate fastens at eye level
  • Detector slides onto plate and is held by a screw (resists tampering)
  • Pro-Tech-7035-SL warranted for 5-years, including sensor

Alarm Signals

• Chronic Alarm Time: 40-70ppm @ 60-240 minutes
• Acute Alarm Time: 400ppm @ 4-15 minutes
• Audible 85dB Pulsating Alarm Signal: 4 Beeps Every 5 Sec.
• Visual Alarm Signals: Displays Current CO Level Detected, Flashing Red LED
• Low Battery Signals: Displays “Bat”, 1 Beep per Minute; Flashing Green LED
• Malfunction Signals: Displays “Err”, 2 Beeps per Minute; Flashing Red LED
• End-of-Life Signals at Five Years: Displays “End”, 1 Beep per Minute, Flashing Red LED

Alarm Basics

• Lithium Battery Powered Carbon Monoxide Alarm
• 9vDC Lithium Battery Factory Preinstalled
• Minimum Five Year Battery Life
• Locked Battery Compartment (with battery activation tab)
• Digital Display and Memory
• Water-Based Electrochemical Sensor
• Sensor Life Monitor (5-yrs)
• Samples every 2 minutes
• Instant Test/Reset Feature
• Self-Diagnostic Circuitry
• Operating Temp: 40°F to 100°F
• Case Color: White
• Case Size: 6½” x 3¾” x 1¾”

Display & Memory 

• Alpha-Numeric LCD Display
• Continuously Displays “On”
• Automatically Displays Current CO Level Detected from 40-600 ppm
• Manually Displays Current CO Level Detected from 10-600 ppm*
• Peak Level Detected from 10-600 ppm is Stored in Memory and Manually Displayed*
• Time Duration of Peak Level is Stored in Memory and Manually Displayed*

*Can be displayed or recalled from memory when Test/Reset button is tapped.

Pro-Tech 7035-SL Instruction sheet

Why Spend the Additional Money on the Pro-Tech CO Alarm?

This video does not show a Pro-tech alarm.  It shows the
differrence in response times of various carbon monoxide alarms.


Helps reduce landlord liability and increases tenant compliance

Instead of leaving yourself at the mercy of your tenants, this carbon monoxide alarm provides a degree of additional safety while reducing the chance that tenants may remove the battery from their CO alarm to silence it during low battery conditions. (Tenants are notoriously bad about replacing batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.)

This alarm only needs to be replaced or serviced at the end of its five-year life. The lithium battery will power the alarm during the entire five-year period and is protected in a tamperproof compartment. The entire alarm is mounted to the wall with a tamper resistant mounting plate and is held on the plate with a retaining screw. This prevents someone from removing the alarm (without a little effort and a screw driver.)

The battery compartment is protected by a tamper proof screw. While the battery is replaceable, you have to use the correct driver to loosen the screw. This allows the alarm to be serviceable but not easily tampered with.

This CO alarm creates an excellent selling point that will indicate to tenants that you take their well being seriously and are willing to spend a few bucks to keep them safe. This is a safety device they don’t have to “mess with” and you won’t have to worry about. (Be sure and give them a print-out of the instructions so that they know how to read and reset the alarm.)